Building process

Planning, engineering and permitting

We work with you to design and draw up all plans to bring your inground pool to life, as well as cover the entire pool construction process. We also go to the city to acquire all necessary permits. 

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Pre-grade, layout and excavation

The site is prepped and the footprint of the pool is laid out and shaped with heavy equipment.

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Equipment and plumbing

The water lines and pool equipment is installed and tested. 

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Steel and electrical

The rebar is laid to create the final shape and depth of the pool and all electrical is installed. 

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The rough concrete base of the pool is pumped in and shaped to the correct shape and depth.

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Decking or pavers

The pool deck is installed. Some options would be basic concrete, cool deck, pavers, etc.

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Waterline tile

Based on your choice of tile, it is installed around the perimeter of the pool.

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Perimeter fencing and pre-plaster inspection

Install fencing as required by the city or customer preference, as well as get final approval for plaster installation.

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Interior finish and start-up walkthrough

The final plaster finish is installed as well as a final walkthrough of equipment. Apex Pools is on site throughout all pool construction steps.

Classic kidney

Watch this classic kidney pool come to life in 2 minutes!